The Che Men

The Che Men


The Che Men are a collection of musicians from the North East of England & also Scotland whose members have played in a number of bands over the years - ska bands The Restrictors & The G-Men, punk bands Last Rough Cause & Major Accident, powerpop band Afterglow and mod/garage band Thee Strawberry Mynde.

Band line up:
Andy Dinsdale - vocals/keyboard
Mark Barrett - bass
Andy Wears - lead guitar
Phil Heathwaite - rhythm guitar
Laze - drums

Previous members:
Nick Wesson - vocals
David Abrahams-Edley - lead guitar/backing vocals
Carl Nottingham - lead guitar
Ian Lowes - drums

Members:Andy Dinsdale, Andy Lazenby, Andy Wears, Carl Nottingham, David Abrahams-Edley, Ian Lowes (2), Mark Barrett (8), Nick Wesson, Phil Heathwaite


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