Real Name:
Donovan Phillips Leitch
Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Born 10 May 1946 in Glasgow.

For any credits containing a variation of Donovan’s surname “Leitch” please use Donovan Phillips Leitch.
Not to be confused with his son Donovan Leitch.

Donovan Discography


LPM 123, LPM-H-123, LPM123 Donovan What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid (Album, Comp) Pye Records, Pye Records LPM 123, LPM-H-123, LPM123 US 1965 Sell This Version
NSPL.18128, NPL 18128 Donovan Fairytale (Album, MiniAlbum) Pye Records, Pye Records NSPL.18128, NPL 18128 UK 1965 Sell This Version
NPL-30091 Donovan The Real Donovan (Album, Comp) Hickory Records, Hickory Records, Hickory Records NPL-30091 Canada 1965 Sell This Version
ELPS 3543 Donovan Sunshine Superman (Album) Epic ELPS 3543 Australia 1966 Sell This Version
NPL 18181 Donovan Sunshine Superman (Album) Pye Records NPL 18181 UK 1967 Sell This Version
BN 26349 Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Album) Epic BN 26349 Canada 1967 Sell This Version
ELPS 3546 Donovan Mellow Yellow (Album) Epic ELPS 3546 Australia 1967 Sell This Version
LN 24350 Donovan For Little Ones (Album) Epic LN 24350 US 1967 Sell This Version
B2N 171 Donovan A Gift From A Flower To A Garden (Album) Epic B2N 171 US 1967 Sell This Version
BN 26386, B N - 26.386 Donovan Donovan In Concert (Album) Epic BN 26386, B N - 26.386 France 1968 Sell This Version
BN 26420 Donovan The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Album) Epic BN 26420 US 1968 Sell This Version
BN 26481 Donovan Barabajagal (Album) Epic BN 26481 New Zealand 1968 Sell This Version
E 30125 Donovan Open Road (Album) Epic, CBS E 30125 US 1970 Sell This Version
DNLD4001 Donovan HMS Donovan (Album) Dawn (7) DNLD4001 UK 1971 Sell This Version
L 32156 Donovan Cosmic Wheels (Album) Epic, Epic L 32156 US 1972 Sell This Version
EPC 69050, S-EPC 69050 Donovan Essence To Essence (Album) Epic, Epic EPC 69050, S-EPC 69050 Italy 1973 Sell This Version
ECPM-25 Donovan Live In Japan: Spring Tour 1973(LP, Album) Epic ECPM-25 Japan 1973 Sell This Version
S EPC 69104, EPC 69104 Donovan 7-Tease (Album) Epic S EPC 69104, EPC 69104 UK 1974 Sell This Version
SM 3730 Donovan Donovan (Album) Joker (2) SM 3730 Portugal 1974 Sell This Version
EPC 81371 Donovan Slow Down World (Album) Epic EPC 81371 Spain 1976 Sell This Version
TC-SRAK 528, 0C 262-99 294 Donovan Donovan (Album) RAK, RAK TC-SRAK 528, 0C 262-99 294 UK 1977 Sell This Version
BLU 19602 Donovan Neutronica (Album) Barclay BLU 19602 Italy 1980 Sell This Version
L 37762 Donovan Love Is Only Feeling (Album) RCA Victor L 37762 Australia 1981 Sell This Version
CN 3906/S Donovan In Concert-265(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 3906/S UK 1981 Sell This Version
PL 70060 Donovan Lady Of The Stars (Album, Comp) RCA PL 70060 UK 1983 Sell This Version