Galt MacDermotCompositions & Recordings

Real Name:
Arthur Terence Galt MacDermot
Canadian composer and pianist.
Born December 18, 1928 in Montreal, Quebec.
Died December 17, 2018.
Best remembered for his score to musical “Hair”.
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A MacDermot, A. Macdermot, A. McDermot, A. McDermott, A.MacDermot, Arthur MacDermot, Arthur McDermot, Arthur T. Galt. MacDermott, Arthur Terence / Galt MacDermot, Arthur Terence Galt, Arthur Terence Galt MacDermot, Arthur Terence Galt MacDermot,, Arthur Terence Mac Dermot, Arthur Terrance Galt MacDermot, B. Mac Dermot, B. MacDermot, C. Mac Dermot, C. McDermott, D Mac, D. Mac, D.Mac, Dermont, Dermot, G MacDermot, G McDermot, G. Dermot, G. M. Dermot, G. M. Dermott, G. Mac Dermot, G. Mac Dermott, G. MacD., G. Macdermont, G. MacDermot, G. MacDermott, G. Mao Dermot, G. Mc Dermot, G. Mc-Dermot, G. Mc. Dermo, G. Mc. Dermot, G. Mc.Dermot, G. Mcdemot, G. McDermont, G. McDermot, G. McDermott, G. McDormot, G./McDermott, G.M. Dermot, G.M.Dermot, G.MacDermot, G.Mc. Dermot, G.McDermot, Gal MacDermont, Gald MacDermot, Galt, Galt - MacDermott, Galt Luc Dermot, Galt Mac Derment, Galt Mac Dermont, Galt Mac Dermot, Galt Mac Dermott, Galt MacDemot, Galt MacDermont, Galt Macdermot, Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band, Galt Macdermots, Galt MacDermott, Galt Mc Dermot, Galt McDemott, Galt McDermont, Galt McDermot, Galt McDermott, Gault MacDermot, Gault McDermontt, Gault McDermott, Golt MacDermott, J. MacDermont, M. Dermont, M. Dermot, M. Dermot Galt, M. Dermott, Mac Dermont, Mac Dermot, Mac Dermot Galt, Mac Dermott, Mac-Dermont, MacDemot, Macdermit, MacDermo, Macdermont, Macdermot, MacDermott, Mc Dermet, Mc Dermont, Mc Dermot, Mc. Deermot, Mc. Dermot, Mc. Dermott, McDermont, McDermot, McDermott, Medermot, Terence MacDermot, А. Макдермонт, Г. Мак Дермот, Макдермонт, Мекдермот, גאלט מקדרמונט, מק-דרמונט