Alien Planetscapes


American space-rock band founded in 1982. The group started off doing mainly solo and duo synthesizer improvisations with Doug Walker, Carl Howard, and others before expanding into a almost big band format and creating a mix of jazz and space rock music. The group released 106 tapes and release 107 was their only official CD release, Life on Earth. Quite a few compilations of live and other studio material appeared after Live on Earth, all on CD-R. The group ended when founder Doug Walker passed away on April 4th of 2006. Rich Orlando has continued to release archive material by the group.

Own label / self-released tapes are on: Audiofile Tapes, Galactus, or Not On Label (Alien Planetscapes Self-released)

Members:Al Margolis, Barney Jones, Blaise Siwula, Carl Howard, Chris Altenhoff, David Prescott, Doug Walker, Gary Jones (26), Jeff Miller (13), John Cordes, John Potenza, Josh Gazes, Kevin Mapplebeck, L.G. Mair, Jr., Larry Olsen, Len Pace, Louis Boone, Matthew Block, Phil Howell, Reginald Taylor




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