The Supremes


American soul and R&B group, recording during the 1960s and 1970s.

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Diana Ross (1961 to 1970)
Mary Wilson (1961 to 1977)
Florence Ballard (1961 to 1967)
Barbara Martin (1961 to 1962)
Cindy Birdsong (1967 to 1972, 1974 to 1976)
Jean Terrell (1970 to 1973)
Lynda Laurence (1972 to 1973)
Scherrie Payne (1974 to 1977)
Susaye Greene (1976 to 1977)

Hugely successful female vocal group formed in 1961, after initially after being called The Primettes from 1959 to 1960. Their best-known and most stable lineup was Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, in which configuration they became Motown's top act of the 1960s, though of that line-up only Wilson remained in the group by the time of the 1970s disco incarnation represented here.

The Supremes varied their name in early 1967 to Diana Ross & The Supremes. Motown president Berry Gordy stated that the name change was done so that Motown could demand more money from live bookings, but rumors began to spread of an approaching Diana Ross solo career. The name variation was applied retrospectively with the first release under that being a Greatest Hits of early songs.

At that time, member Florence Ballard had begun drinking and occasionally missing performances and, by June 1967, was replaced by Cindy Birdsong, a member of Patti LaBelle & The Blue Belles.

In January 1970, Diana Ross & The Supremes gave their final performance under that name and Ross began her solo career. Jean Terrell replaced Diana as the lead singer and the name of the group was reverted back to just The Supremes.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 (Performer).

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Aliases:The Primettes
Members:Barbara Martin, Cindy Birdsong, Diana Ross, Florence Ballard, Jean Terrell, Lynda Laurence, Mary Wilson, Scherrie Payne, Susaye Greene
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