Change as reviewed by Basquali

April 21, 2014
Because of the change in the official discography do not see the single PARADISE RFC-Atlantic record and the single DMD 293 ON TOP RFC-Atlantic record DMD 294?

Change as reviewed by Livysound

July 7, 2007
edited about 1 year ago
Change created some of the most electric sounding soul in the galaxy and are certainly one of the most influential bands to my ears.
When you listen to "Warm", "Lets go together" or "You are my melody" to name a few you are listening to everyday life and love!
Melody, bass and vocals to revive any mood!
Oh....Great artwork too... very 80s!

Change quandary58

July 24, 2015
Oh I agree so much..the crisp sound is amazing..have had the best times on the dance-floor when the DJ spun Change

Change as reviewed by LSY

January 19, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Change is one of the most over looked groups in the early 80's that should earn much more credit for their fantastic achievements even though it's 18 years ago they released their latest album. It all started in Italy in 1979 where the Guadeloupe born (executive) producer Jacques Fred Petrus and his closest companion, the Italian mastermind musician Mauro Malavasi decided to launch a new group after working together a couple of years (formed Goody music records around 75). The groups name became Change and the men behind it were originally based in Bologna and Milan in Italy but later also in New York. Right from the start Petrus and Malavasi used Italian musicians (Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani and Paulo Gianolio among others) and American vocalists (LutherVandross, Diva Gray and later James "Crabs" Robinson and Timmy Allen) of whom the lead vocalist from Change's debut, Luther Vandross later became the most well known character from the time (he later became a big name on his own with several albums). From the beginning Change was just a studio concept though, with several "Change" touring around America, but in 82 they became a group in the right meaning of the word. After a poor release in 85 they split up and Jacques Fred Petrus was murdered two years after, most likely in his native country of Guadeloupe due to illegal affairs with the Mob. Mauro Malavasi however, is today a successful songwriter and producer in Italy that been producing Andrea Bocceli and other great singers.

Change KittDj

June 2, 2013
Thank you for taking time to write that, I am so interested in these almost conceptual bands from this time, almost brand like with ever changing line-ups but creating so magically cohesive music.