Res - Vocals, Jew's Harp, Harmonica, Percussion
Anneli - Hurdy-Gurdy, Flute, Bass, Vocals (Since: Uufwärts E D'Föuse...)
Käthi - Accordion
Guschti - Guitar (Since: Heiwehland)
Hagu Hans - Drums (Since: Landlieder & Frömdländer)
Schälle Ursula - Cowbell (Since: Landlieder & Frömdländer)

Session members:
Evi - Vocals

Chregu - Guitar, Bass, Jew's Harp, Harmonica, Percussion (Until: Heiwehland)

Fräkmündt was the name of a mysterious mountain in the heart of Switzerland which is connected to uncountable sagas. It was re-named to Pilatus, after a legend, telling that the corpse of Pontius Pilatus who condemned Jesus was thrown into a lake on the eastern mountainside in order to taim his restless and furious spirit. Also, many sources speak about dragons living in caves inside the mountain, harming, but also helping people around it.

The Ur-Folk music project Fräkmündt tries to capture the spirit of these old legends and their manifestations in traditions around mount Pilatus and in other pristine areas around the alemannic parts of Switzerland.


Fräkmündt Discography Tracks


Fräkmündt Uufwärts E D'Föuse... (MiniAlbum) Percht Austria 2010 Sell This Version
Fräkmündt Urbärglieder (Album) Percht Austria 2010 Sell This Version
Fräkmündt Heiwehland (Album) Percht Austria 2011 Sell This Version
Fräkmündt Landlieder & Frömdländler (Album) Auerbach Tonträger Germany 2014 Sell This Version


Fräkmündt Losid Vo Bärge Ond Tal Percht Austria 2010 Sell This Version