Magma (6)


French cross-genre, jazz-rock rooted, progressive rock and fusion band founded in 1969 by drummer Christian Vander. Magma have existed in two phases, the first was formed in the summer of 1969 and debuted on LP in 1970, continuing through to 1985 with many different line-ups and changes in style, inventing a genre of their own that has since become known as "Zeuhl" amongst fans. Magma then regrouped under the name Offering making a very different music, and also did a few one-off reunions over the years, after which Magma again got a new lease of life debuting on the international stage in 2000 issuing a number of new live and studio recordings over the next decades. , All Music , Facebook , , , , , Wikipedia , YouTube , YouTube
Members:Addie Déat, Alain Charlery, Alain Guillard, Alain Weiss, Alex Ferrand, André Hervé, Antoine Paganotti, Benoît Alziary, Benoît Gaudiche, Benoît Widemann, Bernard Paganotti, Bertrand Cardiet, Brian Godding, Bruno Ruder, Caroline Indjein, Christian Vander, Claude Engel, Claude Lamamy, Claude Olmos, Clément Bailly




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