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The Choc Stars are a soukous band from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The band was founded in 1983 by Ben Nyamabo, and has since published over 50 albums. The apex of their success was in the 1980s, when vocalist Bozi Boziana wrote some of their most appreciated hits, such as Sandu Kotti, Alena, Mbuta-Mutu, and Retrouvailles a Paris.
Members:Auguy Mongo, Bansimba Zimeni, Ben Nyamabo, Bolenge Djo Mali, Bozi Boziana, Burkina Faso Mboka Liya, Carlito Lassa, Debaba Mbaki, Defao, Dicky Le Roi, Ditutala, Djudjuchet Luvengoka, Germain Kanza, Joly Mubiala, Koffi Alibaba, Lassa Landu, Luciana Demingongo, Makiesse Epinero, Mimiche Bass, Monza Premier
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