Atlante Group

Atlante Group

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Composed by few humans (a graphic designer, thinkers, dj's). Atlante Group perform work from Belgium and Africa. The Atlante label is powered by Axim Forces, itself composed of two people, also kept secret. We're not musicians.

Atlante Group Discography Tracks


ATL057 Atlante Group Offagne (Remix)(3xFile, AIFF, MP3, WAV, 3,5", MiniAlbum) ATLANTE Records ATL057 Belgium 2010

Singles & EPs

ATL001 Atlante Group Nêtel(12") Atlante ATL001 Belgium 2003 Sell This Version
ATL002 Atlante Group Ideology Wave(12") Atlante ATL002 Belgium 2005 Sell This Version
ATL 005 Atlante Group Sonar / Contact(12") Atlante ATL 005 Belgium 2005 Sell This Version
ATL003 Atlante Group Evidence From Alaxiâ(12") Atlante ATL003 Belgium 2005 Sell This Version
ATL006 Atlante Group After War 17 II(12") Atlante ATL006 Belgium 2006 Sell This Version


ATL008 Atlante Group The Voice Of Peace(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL008 Africa 2006
ATL014 Atlante Group Gecko(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL014 Africa 2008
ATL017 Atlante Group Sculpture(4xFile, MP3, 3,5") Atlante ATL017 Belgium 2008
ATL018 Atlante Group The Suricate(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL018 Africa 2008
ATL016 Atlante Group Arcadie(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL016 Africa 2008
ATL013 Atlante Group Uranometria(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL013 Africa 2008
ATL015 Atlante Group Practicius Mortum(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL015 Africa 2008
ATL011 Atlante Group ZODIAC Part I(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL011 Africa 2008
ATL009 Atlante Group Sirius(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL009 Africa 2008
ATL010 Atlante Group Natural Positif Phenomen(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL010 Africa 2008
ATL012 Atlante Group Navigation Light(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL012 Africa 2008
ATL039 Atlante Group Resolution(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL039 Belgium 2009
ATL029 Atlante Group Caracas(5xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL029 Africa 2009
ATL041 Atlante Group Deep Constellation(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL041 Belgium 2009
ATL dge 003 Atlante Group ZODIAC Part II(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL dge 003 Africa 2009
ATL031 Atlante Group Humans(5xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL031 Africa 2009
ATL025 Atlante Group O25(3xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL025 Africa 2009
ATL035 Atlante Group 10-43(6xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL035 Africa 2009
ATL034 Atlante Group Gliese 581-c(4xFile, MP3) Atlante ATL034 Africa 2009

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