Comparative Anatomy

Comparative Anatomy was conceived as a satirical approach to metal in 2009. Originally it consisted of three members, including one guitarist (Nick Hall), one bassist (Stanley Stepanic), and a vocalist (Addison Dodds), along with a drum machine. After difficulty with various guitarists, Dodds and Stepanic decided to create a band using two bass guitars and one drum machine as the primary instrument after little success searching for other musicians locally. As a joke, one of their original songs, titled "Swarm of Camels," utilized samples of camels grunting to emulate and satirize death metal growls. From there, they decided to create an entirely animal-themed band that relied on animal samples in place of vocals as a further layer to the sound. After a first, real-CD release in 2010, they began to take their performance on tour, dressing in full costume. Dodds played a 5-string bass and his stage name was "Ron Chickenbaby," while Stepanic played a specially tuned 4-string run through feedback pedals under the stage name of "Sir Puffers Rabbinald the Third." The band played a few short tours up and down the east coast of the United States, and after completing work on their final album disbanded in 2011. Dodds went on to create the band Beldam, adding Stepanic later as vocals. The final tracks for Comparative Anatomy's final album were finally mixed and edited in 2016, in preparation for one final release.



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