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This is the band Manfred Mann, for the individual please use Manfred Mann (2).

British band founded in 1962 by Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg as "Mann Hugg Blues Brothers" and later renamed to "Manfred Mann". The band's line-up changed several times before the break up in 1969. After the break up Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg first formed the short lived Manfred Mann Chapter Three before Mann formed Manfred Mann's Earth Band and some other members of the group reunited 1991 playing as The Manfreds.

Original members:
Manfred Mann
Mike Hugg
Mike Vickers
Dave Richmond
Paul Jones

Additional members:
Tom McGuinness
Jack Bruce
Klaus Voorman
Mike D'Abo , , Wikipedia , Imdb
Members:Dave Richmond, Henry Lowther, Jack Bruce, Klaus Voormann, Lyn Dobson, Manfred Lubowitz, Mike D'Abo, Mike Hugg, Mike Vickers, Paul Adrian Pond, Tom McGuinness
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