The Boomtown Rats


Irish rock band, formed in 1975 in Garry Roberts' kitchen in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, the group originally took the name The Nightlife Thugs. They changed it during the interval of their first gig on October 31st 1975 to The Boomtown Rats, after Woody Guthrie's term for oilfield workers. The original lineup was Bob Geldof (vocals), Garry Roberts (lead guitar), Johnnie Fingers (keyboard), Pete Briquette (bass), Gerry Cott (rhythm guitar) and Simon Crowe (drums).

They recorded six studio albums and a string of successful singles. Cott left the band in 1981. The group remained together until just after the 1985 Live Aid concert of which Bob Geldof, KBE, was the organiser.

The group reformed in 2013, with original members Bob Geldof, Garry Roberts, Pete Briquette, and Simon Crowe joined by Alan Dunn and Darren Beale. , Wikipedia
Members:Bob Geldof, Garry Roberts, Gerry Cott, Johnnie Fingers, Patrick Cusack, Simon Crowe
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