Inti Illimani

Inti Illimani

Inti-Illimani (Inti-E-gee-manee), from the Aymara dialect, means "Sun of the Illimani," in reference to a mountain at La Paz, Bolivia. Latin American folk music ensemble from Bolivia & Chile. The band was formed in 1967 by a group of university students: Pedro Yañez (musical director), Jorge Coulon, Max Berrú, Horacio Durán, Oscar Guzmán, Luis Cifuentes and Ciro Retamal. That same year Luis Cifuentes was replaced by Luis Espinoza, and Ciro Retamal and Oscar Guzmán quit the band, joining them Horacio “Loro” Salinas. Pedro Yáñez also left the band in 1968.

They acquired widespread popularity in Chile for their song "Venceremos" (We shall win!) which became the anthem of the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende. At the moment of September 11, 1973's Chilean coup they were on tour in Europe and were unable to return to their country where their music was proscribed by the ruling military junta. In Europe their music took on a multifarious character, incorporating elements of European baroque and other traditional music forms to their rich and colourful Latin American rhythms - creating a distinctive fusion of modern world music. They are perhaps the best internationally known members of the nueva canción movement.

Owing to personal problems, in 2001 they split in two bands (as Quilapayún): Inti-Illimani "Histórico" (directed by Horacio Salinas, with H. Salinas, J. Seves, H. Durán, Jorge Ball, Fernando Julio, Danilo Donoso and Camilo Salinas) and Inti-Illimani "Nuevo" (Jorge and Marcelo Coulón, Manuel Meriño, Daniel Cantillana, Efrén Viera and César Jara)

Inti Illimani Discography


LP -012 Inti-Illimani* Inti Illimani (Album) Jota Jota LP -012 Venezuela 1969 Sell This Version
none Conjunto Inti-Illimani* Si Somos Americanos(LP, Album) Impacto (2) none Bolivia 1969 Sell This Version
JJL-10 Inti Illimani Canto al Programa (Album) Dicap JJL-10 Chile 1970 Sell This Version
(S)LDC-35254 Inti-Illimani* Inti-Illimani ("Cóndores Del Sol") (Album) Odeon (S)LDC-35254 Chile 1970 Sell This Version
JJL-13 Inti-Illimani* Autores Chilenos (Album) Dicap JJL-13 Venezuela 1971 Sell This Version
JJL - 16, JJLS - 16 Isabel Parra / Inti-Illimani* Isabel Parra / Inti-Illimani* - Canto Para Una Semilla (Album) Dicap, Dicap JJL - 16, JJLS - 16 Chile 1972 Sell This Version
VPA 8175 Inti-Illimani* Viva Chile! (Album) I Dischi Dello Zodiaco VPA 8175 Italy 1973 Sell This Version
VPA 8207 Inti-Illimani* Inti-Illimani 2 - La Nueva Cancion Chilena (Album) I Dischi Dello Zodiaco VPA 8207 Italy 1974 Sell This Version
VPA 8265 Inti-Illimani* Inti-Illimani 4 - Hacia La Libertad (Album, Comp) I Dischi Dello Zodiaco, Dicap VPA 8265 Italy 1975 Sell This Version
MFS 787 Inti-Illimani* Inti-Illimani 3 - Canto De Pueblos Andinos (Album) I Dischi Dello Zodiaco, Dicap MFS 787 US 1975 Sell This Version
VPA 8305 Inti-Illimani* Inti-Illimani 5 - Canto De Pueblos Andinos Vol. II (Album) I Dischi Dello Zodiaco VPA 8305 Italy 1976 Sell This Version
C 066-97803 Inti Illimani Canto De Pueblos Andinos (Album) Pathé Marconi EMI C 066-97803 France 1977 Sell This Version
VPA 8355 Inti-Illimani* Inti-Illimani 6 (Album) I Dischi Dello Zodiaco VPA 8355 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
MLP 5554 Inti-Illimani*, Isabel Parra, Edmonda Aldini Inti-Illimani*, Isabel Parra, Edmonda Aldini - Volume 7-Canto Per Un Seme (Album) EMI MLP 5554 Italy 1978 Sell This Version
MLP 15.647 Arja Saijonmaa Och Inti-Illimani* Arja Saijonmaa Och Inti-Illimani* - Jag Vill Tacka Livet (Album) Metronome MLP 15.647 Sweden 1979 Sell This Version
MFS 817 Inti Illimani Canción Para Matar Una Culebra (Album) Movieplay MFS 817 US 1979 Sell This Version
17.2100/9 Inti-Illimani* En Directo (Album) EMI 17.2100/9 Spain 1980 Sell This Version
172695/1 Isabel Parra / Inti-Illimani* Isabel Parra / Inti-Illimani* - Canto Para Una Semilla (Elegía) (Album) Movieplay 172695/1 Spain 1981 Sell This Version
3C 064-64522 Inti-Illimani* Palimpsesto (Album) EMI 3C 064-64522 Italy 1981 Sell This Version
BBC 22440 Inti-Illimani*, Guamary Inti-Illimani*, Guamary - Flight Of The Condor (Album, Comp) BBC Records And Tapes BBC 22440 US 1982 Sell This Version
17.3380/0 Patricio Manns - Inti-Illimani* Patricio Manns - Inti-Illimani* - Con La Razon Y La Fuerza(LP, Album) Movieplay 17.3380/0 Spain 1982 Sell This Version
RR8505 Inti-Illimani* Imaginacion (Album) Inti-Illimani RR8505 US 1984 Sell This Version
RRC 407 Holly Near And Inti Illimani Holly Near And Inti Illimani - Sing To Me The Dream (Album) Redwood Records (3) RRC 407 US 1984 Sell This Version
D.50036 Inti Illimani Chant Pour Une Semence(LP, Album) Dom (2) D.50036 France 1985 Sell This Version
ALCL 503 Patricio Manns Con Inti-Illimani* Patricio Manns Con Inti-Illimani* - La Muerte No Va Conmigo (Album) Aconcagua ALCL 503 Chile 1986 Sell This Version


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February 3, 2015
The official website shows the "-" between Inti and Illimani. So, Inti-Illimani is RAN, thus "Inti Illimani" is ANV

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