Kool Keith

Real Name:Keith Matthew Thornton

Born: October 7, 1963, Bronx, New York

American rapper and founding member of Ultramagnetic MC's. Better known as Kool Keith (one of his numerous aliases), has also recorded extensively both as a solo artist and as part of many groups. He worked together with many notable names in the hip hop scene, such as Ice-T (as Analog Brothers), Dan The Automator (as Dr. Octagon), Tim Dog (as Ultra), Kut Masta Kurt (as The Diesel Truckers and Masters Of Illusion) or Godfather Don (as The Cenobites). , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Instagram , MySpace , Songkick , X , Wikipedia , Wikipedia
Aliases:Big Willie Smith, Dr. Dooom, Dr. Octagon, John Clayborne, Keith Matthew Thornton, Mr. Nogatco, Number One Producer, Platinum Rich, Professor Planetory, Rhythm X (2), Robbie Analog, Sinister 6000, Tashan Dorrsett, Underwear Pissy
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