Papo Vázquez

Real Name:Angel Vázquez

American trombonist, composer, and arranger (Born: 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Angel "Papo" Vázquez spent his early years in Puerto Rico, after growing-up in the heart of North Philadelphia's Puerto Rican community. He bought his first trombone from a friend for $5 and joined the elementary school band. He has continued to write for big band orchestras, when not performing with his small group "Pirates Troubadours".
In the early Nineties, he performer "Chamaco Rivera Y Su Orquesta" as "Papo Cancel", with others Top Latin Musical Members. , MySpace
In Groups:Azuquita Y Su Melao, Chamaco Rivera Y Su Orquesta, Jerry Gonzalez And The Fort Apache Band, Papo Vázquez Pirates Troubadours, Papo Vázquez The Mighty Pirates, The Papo Vazquez Latin Jazz Group
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