Byard Lancaster

Real Name:William Byard Lancaster

American flute / saxophonist free-jazz / avant-garde / improviser artist, but with obvious soul and blues influences.
Born : August 06, 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Died : August 23, 2012 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania.

Byard has started his career in the mid 60s and has worked with Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner, Memphis Slim or Bill Dixon to name a few, he also studied piano, singing, composing, arranging and conducting.

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In Groups:Alpha Boys Band, Byard Lancaster Quartet, Byard Lancaster Trio, Change of the century Orchestra, David Eyges Trio, Flight To Sanity, Khan Jamal Quintet, Ronald Shannon Jackson And The Decoding Society, Sounds Of Liberation, Steve Tintweiss Spacelight Band, Sunny Murray & The Untouchable Factor, The Byard Lancaster Unit, The J.R. Mitchell Experimental Unit, The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir, Thunderbird Service
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