Dieter Bohlen

Real Name:Günter Dieter Bohlen

German songwriter and producer born 7. February 1954 in Berne near Oldenburg, Germany.
Best known for his Eighties-era projects Modern Talking and Blue System.

In 1979 got a job in the Hamburg-based label Intersong, and in the years to follow he helmed a prolific body of music under a variety of pseudonyms.

In 1983 Bohlen met Thomas Anders, with whom he soon formed Modern Talking; debuting a year later with the hitsingle "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", the duo enjoyed considerable success throughout the European club scene with hits including "Brother Louie", "You Can Win If You Want", "Geronimo's Cadillac", "Atlantis Is Calling" and "Cheri Cheri Lady" a.o.

Internal tensions split Modern Talking in 1987, at which time Bohlen went solo his new project Blue System. However, as the 1990s dawned Blue System's commercial fortunes dipped, and in 1998 Bohlen and Anders renewed their partnership as Modern Talking, issuing "Back for Good" and 5 more studio albums. On June 7th. 2003 at the end of a concert in Rostock, Dieter Bohlen announced (without updating Thomas Anders prior) that he and Thomas were going separate ways yet again, which meant split #2 of Modern Talking (after their first split back in 1987).

By 2008, a staggering 160 million units of his productions have been sold around the globe.

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Aliases:Art Of Music, Chris Norman Project, Countdown G.T.O., David Bernhardt, Dee Bass (2), Fabricio Bastino, Howard Houston, Indian '94, Jennifer Blake, Joseph Cooley, Marcel Mardello, Power Tower Production London, René D'Angelo, Ryan Simmons, Steve Benson
In Groups:Blue System, Mac Mono Crew, Modern Talking, Monza (3), Sunday (8)
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