Real Name:Cedrik Fermont

C-drík aka Kirdec (born Cedrik Fermont) is a multifaceted vegan artist, academically trained musician, dj, singer, composer, author, radio host, concert organiser, curator and label manager of Greek, Zairian and Belgian descent, born in Zaire (current D.R. Congo), he now resides in Germany. He studied orchestral percussion and drums in the mid-1980s and is a former student of electroacoustic composer Annette Vande Gorne (Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium).
He operates in the field of noise, industrial, electronic, electroacoustic and improvised music since 1989, publishing music, performing, composing music for theatre plays, short films and sound installations.
He wrote several essays about electroacoustic, noise and experimental music from Asia and Africa and co-wrote a book together with Dimitri della Faille : Not Your World Music: Noise In South East Asia (winner of the 2017 "Golden Nica" Prix Ars Electronica in the "Digital Musics & Sound Art" category).
He performed and gave some talks and workshops in 53 countries across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America,
Founder of Syrphe, label and platform partly dedicated to electronic and experimental music from Africa and Asia and co-founder of the electro label Textolux with Zoopsie and Dublo (2) as well as Falling Elevators with John N. Sellekaers.
His various other incarnations include Ammo (with John N. Sellekaers), Axiome (with Olivier Moreau), Moonsanto (with Sellekaers & Silk Saw), Ambre (with Moreau & Sellekaers), Dead Hollywood Stars (with Sellekaers & Hervé Thomas), Tetra Plok (with Dublo (2) & Zoopsie), Elekore (with One Man Nation & Mindfuckingboy), Črno Klank, Kirdec, Tasjiil Moujahed (with Munma), Salims Salon (with Hannes Galette Seidl, جاكلين جورج (Jacqueline George), Seth Ayyaz and Elsa M'bala), to speak only about a few.
He collaborated with artists like Mick Harris, Mark Spybey, Yan Jun, Aluviana, Goh Lee Kwang, Contagious Orgasm, Itta, Pei, Le Diktat, Naofumi Ishimaru, Alok, David Thrussell, Error (2), Choi Joonyong, Lau Mun Leng, Hùng Nguyễn Mạnh, Lương Huệ Trinh, Marie Takahashi, Hui-Chun Lin, Xabec, Dickson Dee and many others, mostly in Asia.
As radio host, C-drík works with Colaboradio and Staalplaat in Germany, in India and 199Radio in the UK. , X , Facebook , Mixcloud , , Vimeo , , Google , , Soundcloud
Aliases:Alien Vegan Sect, C-drík, Cedrik Fermont, D-Drik, F-Drik, H-drík, I-drík, J-drík, M-Drik, M.E.3, O-Drík, Q-drík, R-Drik, T-drik, V-drík, Y-drík




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