Tania (13)

Real Name:Tania Salazar Rodríguez

Venezuelan singer. Tania Salazar was born in Caracas on November 11, 1952, daughter of Gloria Rodríguez. Tania as is known in her artistic career, started when she was eight years old at RCTV on Buck Rogers' Show, a tv show directed to children audience. In this period Tania worked along child figures who emerged with her, as Raquel Castaños and Caridad Canelón. Next Year Tania was recording her first hit on 45 R.P.M format, and two years later recorded her first long play with Rafael Ochoa.
Later, Tania worked in a child TV show on Channel 8 with Diony López (Popy (3)) a famous actor who used to performed as Popy Clown, a beloved character for the venezuelan children.
In 1968, Tania joined to Los Naipes, a Quartet founded by Luis Cruz, and with them she recorded a LP with two singles, both of them became in a real success ("Desilusión" and "Vete, no Vuelvas más"). With Los Naipes Tania explored genres as Rumba Flamenca, Cumbia and Peruvian waltz.
In 1972 Tania debuted at very popular TV Renny's Show, later in 1973, Tania recorded her first LP as soloist, after that, Tania had toured through Dominican Republic, Colombia and EEUU.
Tania took a brief break in her musical career and got back to stages singing Salsa, a real change in her career, but in all case she got a successful one more time.

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