DeepChord macracer1

January 18, 2017
Hi I just discovered DEEPCHORD.. but I don't Know where to start can anyone recommend which album to get first.?? THNX...


DeepChord macracer1

May 25, 2017
Thanks 4 that Sunwalker.. :-) that really helps , I will start with your suggestions all the best..

DeepChord sunwalker

May 11, 2017
"The Coldest Season" is a great place to start. i'm a huge fan of "Ultraviolet Music" and "Liumin" as well. if you really want an amazing tune - imo one of the best tunes ever written in this genre - grab the remixes of Model 500's 'Starlight'. Echospace/Deepchord have a few mixes on there and 'M69 Starlight (Echospace Unreleased Mix)' is an absolute killer, incredible vibes, even better than the original.

DeepChord nilthepill

February 7, 2017
I suggest you start with the dc10 thru 16 and the coldest season. Amazing thing about deepchord is his music is artistically consistent and excellent even when the musical style evolved over the years.

DeepChord mouritsdebeer

January 20, 2017
My personal favourites: Liumin, Sommer, Lanterns, Ultraviolet Music.
Some EPs I often go back to: Luxury, Prana/Tantra, Tonality of Night, Atmospherica 1 & 2. Hash-Bar Remnants is also great.
I'm sure everything can be described "essential", but I haven't covered older releases at all! Would love to hear other people's recommendations.

DeepChord MiloGwarnsford

July 12, 2016
Really gutted lots of Deepchord's superb releases aren't on vinyl...were they not that bothered about pressing on to wax? Would do anything to own Hash Bar Loops and many others!

DeepChord jns.kln

September 21, 2020
I´m definitely in for hash bar loops on vinyl. One of his best yet.

DeepChord Moksee

August 28, 2016
I'll chip in for some crowd funded thing ^ ^

DeepChord TriHard

July 12, 2016
edited over 4 years ago
Probably the cost of manufacturing, but I agree. Lets start a crowd funding or something man lol. I want hash bar loops, liumin, and ultraviolet music on wax :/

DeepChord electronicsurgeon

March 23, 2011
edited over 10 years ago
I remember buying 4 or 5 records by these guys at the DEMF. They were stamped with a number and DEMF on them. I bought them on a whim and played them the next day, I thought my speakers were knackered! I was pissed and wanted to exchange them for different ones that weren't messed up. After I found out that they records are supposed to sound like that, I began "listening" to them. This stuff is very deep and require an open mind and some time to get your brain around them. Amazing sounds. Think Basic channel but with the master tapes set in a box with pot smoke blown all over them to coat them and then bury them in the ground(Lee Perry allegedly did this before) for a few years and then take them out and master them to vinyl. :) Really though, very original sounding stuff and very deep and beautiful. I'll assume everything Rod and co. do is brilliant, though I have only heard about a dozen or so records that were produced by them.

DeepChord teknophile4239

June 23, 2019
Those DEMF stamped vinyl are worth around $500.00 bucks each now.

DeepChord vagueblack

April 20, 2011
I bought a couple of those same 2001 DEMF-stamped DC releases. Some of the best lo-fi dub tech ever. Wish I got to play them out more often.