The Artful Dodgers


Hertfordshire based graphic design company fronted by Keith Peacock, Neil Smith and Michael Faulkner. Company started as Artful Dodgers in 1979 and changed name to P. Linard Marketing And Advertising Ltd in 1992 then closed down in 2006. The Artful Dodger Ltd was resurrected in 2007 .

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As company (with or without the Ltd), see Artful Dodgers.

Also appears as
Artful Dodgers
Artful Dodgers Ltd
The Artful Didgers Ltd
The Artful Dodger
The Artful Dodgers Ltd
The Artful Dodgers Ltd.
The Artful Dodgers, Lda.
The Artfull Dodgers

Members:Keith Peacock, Michael Faulkner
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