Drugs Of Faith


Grind 'n' Roll from Northern Virginia
Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Richard, bassist Taryn, and drummer Ethan, Drugs of Faith is a grind ‘n’ roll band from Northern Virginia, where it was formed in 2002. A few demos and promo releases later, Drugs of Faith signed with Selfmadegod Records and issued the self-titled mini-album in 2005.
The lyrical content has been focused around politics and social subjects with some comments on interpersonal relationships, but more and more the band has been writing political-and-social-themed lyrics.

Richard J. (g,v)
Ethan G. (d)
Taryn W. (b)

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook ,
Members:Adam Perry (2), Edward Spode, Ethan Griffiths, Ivan Khilko, Richard Johnson, Taryn Wilkinson


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