FvRTvR is a two-body locus for demolecularized disco realized through meat shredding, science fiction improvisation. There are no beats here, however, just a relentless pyroclastic flow of robot voices gurgling indecipherable quips of the “baby, that volcano looks so good on you” variety.

FvRTvR is Guido Henneböhl from Germany and Fritz Welch, formerly of the United States, currently residing in the United Kingdom.

Guido plays an electronic instrument of his own design. This devise appears to be trapped in the ancient mysteries of circuit bending but it is actually a dynamic oxygen filtration system. There are no longer actual animal bones contained in the main structure of the device but DNA is still detectable in its circuits.

Fritz manipulates vibrating surfaces such as drums and cymbals using sticks and objects. He has also devised a method for offsetting syllabic utterances with percussive concussion.

FvRTvR music is a keying of voice and instrument. It is an amalgam of planetary shifting and earthbound sentient attachment. It is composed in relation to a belief system which holds that there is a relationship between sonic phenomena and events in the human world.


Fvrtvr Discography Tracks


Volume 5 Fvrtvr Demon Cycle, 1-9(CDr, Album) Niente Records Volume 5 Italy 2010 Sell This Version
NCA LP 1 Fvrtvr Gobi Wow(LP, Ltd) Never Come Ashore NCA LP 1 UK 2012 Sell This Version
BOB009 Fvrtvr Following Shapes to the Edge of a Drift(LP, Whi) Discombobulate BOB009 UK 2016 Sell This Version