Real Name:Ivan Antunović

Active between 2009 - 2015, 1/2 (in recent years re-defined as "I/II"), concentrated on visuals and minimal electronic pop music.

In parallel to his own audio-visual activities (musically, also under the pseudonyms "Split Personalities", "The Fall Guy" and "Dissident" plus in the graphic design dept., as "Nieuw NDG"), he started an accompanying label - 0.5, releasing work by other artists as well. After a fertile period of five years during which he himself delivered a number of test recordings, singles, EPs and mini-albums (some of which also appeared on various international labels), 1/2 decided to call it a day in 2015, releasing his very last studio mini-album/EP "Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night".

He now records under the name Iv/An.

0.5 as a label continues to operate, with new releases on the way.

Aliases:Dissident (5), Iv/An, Ivan Antunović, Nieuw NDG, Split Personalities, The Fall Guy, Umrijeti Za Strojem
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