Sérgio Barroso

Real Name:
Sergio Fernández Barroso
Sergio Barroso (Havana, Cuba, 4 March 1946) studied at the Havana National Conservatory, did his post-graduate studies in composition at the Prague Superior Academy of Music (AMU), and studied computer music at the CCRMA, Stanford University (USA). Although he has extensively worked since 1969 in the electroacoustic music fields, his output also includes orchestral, chamber, choral, stage, film, and incidental scores. His music, described as having a dramatic character with emphasis in rhythm and color, has been awarded at several international competitions including the International Music Council (IMC) Rostrums of Composers (Paris, 1995, 1980), the IMC Rostrums of Electroacoustic Music (TIME) (Helsinki, 1994; Oslo, 1990), the IMC Rostrum of Latin American Music (TRIMALCA, 1979), and the Groupe de musique expérimentale de Bourges (GMEB) International Electroacoustic Music Competition Mixed Music Prize (1980), among others. Strongly influenced by the musical heritage of his native country, Sergio Barroso’s works have been extensively performed in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. These venues include the National Arts Centre (Ottawa), the Metropolitan Opera (New York), San Francisco Opera, Kennedy Center (Washington), Monte-Carlo Theatre, South Bank Centre (London), Budapest Opera, Centro Reina Sofía (Madrid), Teatro de la Zarzuela (Madrid), Helsinki National Theatre, Manila National Theatre, IRCAM (Paris), Smetana Hall (Prague), Philharmonic Hall (Bratislava), Warsaw Autumn Festivals, ISCM Festivals, Berlin Podium International Neue Musik, GMEB’s Synthèse Festivals (Bourges), Seville and Alicante Contemporary Music Festivals, Festival in Granada, Mexico City International Forums of New Music, and concert series by, in Toronto, New Music Concerts, Esprit Orchestra, ArrayMusic, Canadian Electronic Ensemble (CEE), and, in Montréal, ACREQ.