IBK Tribe

Real Name:Benjamin Lichtenberg, Sebastian Arman

Line up:
Jamin (Vocals,Beats) Sensay (Vocals, Beats, Keys) Selecta Truman or Danman (Turntables).

Started 1997 first with pure hiphop in different line-ups, having DJ Danman and MC Manuel D in the group. After meeting Thai Stylee, they changed their style more and more to german dancehall. They contributed songs to several Dancehallfieber compilations. They work close to Mono & Nikitaman and Flip (3) and Benjie. In over ten years they played more than 100 shows sometimes alongside Eek-A-Mouse, Seeed and Delinquent Habits. They mostly rhyme in tyrolian dialect, changing styles from Rap to Neosoul, from R&B to Reggae/Dancehall.

Sites:MySpace ,
Members:Benjamin Lichtenberg, Danman, Sebastian Arman
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