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Massive Staff

The collective known as Massive Staff was formed by a group of MC's and producers that started recording out of "The Safehouse." The Safehouse was a home studio owned by Kyle Knordle, aka Knowledge, based in East Orange, NJ. In the early 90's, The Safehouse was a creative center for numerous underground New Jersey artists. Known for its clear sound and hard, gritty beats, produced by Knowledge and his partner "Gee the Madman," The Safehouse attracted a number of up and coming artists that were well known to the Jersey music scene.
Artists like Rah Digga (Flipmode, Outsidaz), Josh Milan (Blaze), Fatal Hussain (Tupac's Outlaws), Omega (N.A.C./Refugee Camp), Tame One (Artifacts), Pace Won (Outsidaz) , Feerce (Crazy Cat), and even the legendary Grand Master Flash are just a few of the artists that passed through and honed their skills at the Safehouse.

It is from this hotbed of activity that the artists of Massive Staff initially came together. Since teenagers, Knowledge was partnered with his friend Rich Fresh, aka Troublemaker. This friendship was formed in East Orange High School where they battled against future rap stars Treach & Vinnie from Naughty by Nature and Chino XL. The two rappers along with engineer/producer Gee the Madman decided to start an independent label known as Safehouse records.
They added 2 artists based out of Newark, NJ. The witty and complex MC known as Malai Majid, and the smooth criminal, Killa Nug. Each artist brought a different style and personality to the group. Knowledge, a metaphor genius; Malai, unpredictable flavor; Troublemaker, a freestyle master and Killa Nug; no-nonsense hardcore street flow. The 4 artists would come together as Safehouse Records' vanguard.

The group intention was to show the strength of the group but also to showcase their individual skills. Engineered by Gee and joined by a small cast of crew members, "Nasty Newark Air" hit the street in1994. A six song opus with two group songs along with solo cuts from each member of the group gave fans of all hip-hop genres something they could listen to from beginning to end. After holding a launch party and show at the legendary Newark Club Zanzibar, the group would go on to perform all over the New York/New Jersey area, and down the east coast. Cuts from the album would get airplay on legendary under-ground radio platforms like the Stretch & Bobbito show and the Awesome 2 (Teddy Ted/Special K) show. The quality and buzz attracted the attention of local labels such as Queen Latifah's FLava Unit imprint, and with the proper backing and push the sky was the limit.

Within one year, the group would disband due to internal conflicts and some artists not adhering to the group chemistry. Troublemaker would go on to record and release 3 solo albums under his own label and the other members of the group continued to record as solo artists. In 2004, the Safehouse would shut its doors after 10 years of being a major factor of the New Jersey music scene.


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