Funk - electro band

Formed in 1974 in New York, USA. Originally called New York City Players, but changed to The Players after a lawsuit against them, by the Ohio Players. Has released 17 albums between 1977 and 2000. Their definitive hit is 1986's "Word Up". In the '00s, Cameo-bassist Aaron Mills started collaborating with OutKast.


Larry Ernest "Mr. B" Blackmon (1975-present)
Thomas Michael Jenkins (1976-present)
Nathan David Leftenant (1976-1991) (1995-'00s)
Charlie L. Singleton (1981-present)
Jonathan Moffett (1980s) (2000-present)
Anthony A. Lockett (1978-1981) ('00s-present)
Aaron Ellis Mills (1979-1981) (1986-present)
Arnett G. Leftenant (1976-1981)
Damon Mendes (1979)
Eric R. Durham Snr. (1976-1978)
Gary Dow (1976-1978)
Gregory B. Johnson (1975-1982)
Jeff Nelson (1992-1996)
Jeryl Bright (1980-1981)
John Blackwell (1996)
Kenni Hairston (1986-1987)
Kevin Kendrick (1982-2000)
Kurt Jeter (1977)
Melvin Wells (1984-1996)
Michael "Calamari" Burnett (1982) (1984-1988)
Stephen Moore (1980-1981)
Thomas Delmar "TC" Campbell (1980-1981)
Vincent Wilburn Jr. (1981)
Wayne Cooper (1977-1980)
Willie "Chill Factor" Morris (1986-1995)
William Revis (1977) , , Wikipedia , Facebook , Facebook , Who Sampled , Instagram , X
Aliases:The Players (7)
Members:Aaron Mills, Anthony Lockett, Arnett Leftenant, Charlie Singleton, Damon Mendes, Eric Durham, Gary Dow, Gregory Johnson, Jeryl Bright, Kurt Jeter, Larry Blackmon, Michael Burnett, Nathan Leftenant, Stephen Moore, Thomas Campbell, Tomi Jenkins, Wayne Cooper (2), William Revis, William Seth Allen
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