Delegates of Culture

The Delegates of Culture were formed in the summer of 1999 through the fusion of two Cambridge-based hip hop collectives, The Mental Minds and Co-Lab.Oration. Having worked together at various house parties and University college gigs and finding themselves chilling together at The Lab daily, it was realized that working together they might realize their dreams of bringing progressive hip hop blends to a needy public.

The crew breaks down as follows: Injanuatea, spitting his lyrics at incredible paces, hails from Cambridge and is currently studying music at college. Also from Cambridge, Mad Prolific provides speaker-shattering bass to his beatboxing and scientific lyrical madness while studying the school of life, and S-Class, a prodigious MC/DJ, who is constantly working on the 'next' mix tape whenever he can get away from his warehouse work. Rounding off the Cambridge-raised members is another turntabilist and emcee, Doctor Skuffman who helps in managing a local skate and U.K Hip Hop shop called VERT:ICAL, and Toeman who, when he isn't obsessing over producing phat beats, puts time in at the local box office. The Canadian Ill Seer is a rapper and poet who has just finished his time at Cambridge University while trying to avoid Ninko, a mad Yugoslavian who studies Classics when he isn't working on his own vocal epics. Producer and Technician AxWax fled Germany to avoid the army and can currently be found taking music courses at university alongside Scottish turntabilist and Juice DJ 2001 UK winner, Chris Groove. Trying to manage the resultant insanity is Bee 109 a producer/emcee from Teeside who spends his free time smoking and making hip hop. Last yet always lurking somewhere in the shadows is an entity named Manslaughter For A Reason, from pasts unknown, and perhaps best described as a bit like Bez.

The Delegates of Culture have gathered a reputation for rocking all types of crowds with their spontaneous performance and obsession with freestyling and have been caught ciphering with various headz throughout the United Kingdom. Their strong link with VERT:ICAL (72 Kings Street, Cambridge) has enabled them to produce all elements of hip hop culture, including graffiti and break dancing, and to introduce a new generation to the magnetic spirit which is hip hop.

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