Real Name:
Alexander Stirner / Thomas Etscher
Who are the two guys behind t.e.s.a.? It´s Alexander Stirner and Thomas Etscher, also known as the founders of the LexTom Labs. music studios. In a musical meaning they found each other on very different ways:

Alexander Stirner got his first lessons on a piano as he was a five-year-old boy. Later he finished his c-exams in classical church music at the age of 17. This traditional education and training was the best base to move his creativity forward into the concept of electronic music. How good this will work has shown his first release at the distinguished label Shah Records (project Deep S.).

For Thomas Etscher since his early life, bands like Kraftwerk, Yello or Yean Michel Jarre have been the primary ideal for a totally new generation of musicians, who made the synthesizer to the core of their musical work. The fascination for electronic music of the 80th and 90th up to now with all their facets has shown to only one direction: to produce this kind of music himself in the own studio.

The club scene in Stuttgart with famous clubs like OZ or M1 put these two together finally. So they founded the „LexTom Labs." studios in the year 2000 and the projects Tarantula and t.e.s.a. also. In the same year the song „8 Feet" from Tarantula got released on the brand-new Trance label follow-records in Berlin, inclusive a remix of Accuface.

While Tarantula is equatable with Trance, so is t.e.s.a. right from the beginning more orientated on a Techno and Progressive style. Actually t.e.s.a. found it´s place: melodic and groovy House, Tech House and Techno is the domain, where t.e.s.a. is feeling home. That shows also the new song “Sherman Piano” from 2010, again released at follow-records in Berlin.


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follow011 T.E.S.A. Sherman Piano / How Does He Kiss(2xFile, MP3) Follow Records follow011 Germany 2010

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