Swinging Buildings


The Swinging Buildings was a one-off side project of the Belgian novelty New Wave/synthpop/post-punk band, The Bowling Balls, which recorded one track, "Praying For A Cheaper Christmas," released in December 1981 on the Chantons Noël - Ghosts Of Christmas Past LP compilation by Les Disques Du Crépuscule label. In the spirit of Balls' "mystification" ethos (the band that started as a hoax, progressing from a plot element in the comic strip to a real-life ensemble), the "Swinging Buildings" were initially rumored as a secretive New Order alias. The band's core members, Bert Bertrand (2) and Fred Jannin, also recorded an alternative version of the song as The Piggies, released on Cheaper Christmas 7" single on WEA the same year.

Aliases:The Bowling Balls
Members:Bert Bertrand (2), Fernand Ball, Fred Jannin, Thierry Culliford
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