Dora Carofiglio

Real Name:Dora Nicolosi (née Carofiglio)

Dora Carofiglio was the lead singer of Novecento, and also well known as a solo project Valerie Dore. Most (or all) 12" were produced by Pino, Ross and Lino Nicolosi. Arguably, Dora Carofiglio is the best vocal in Italo Disco. In the early 90's, Dora Carofiglio married one of the Nicolosi siblings & took on their name becoming Dora Nicolosi.

Aliases:Amnésie, Annie Addams, Brownstone (3), Dora Nicolosi, Etienne Tulèt, Kim Johonsons, Lisa (8), Lucy (2), Majority (2), Mindy Love, Monica J., Monica Jay, Moon (4), Nikita (21), Princess Rose, Sarah (162), Shirley Ross (2), Sissy Taylor, Susanne Meals, Sweet Phythm
In Groups:2U, Angie, Annabelle, Domina, Edyta, Isamar & Compañia, Jasmine (2), Jessica Jay, Magic Men, Nicolosi, Nicolosi (2), Nikita (21), Novecento, P.L.R.D., P.R.D., Valerie Dore, Wilko (2)
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