From Wave to EBM, from NDW to Punk and everything else in and out of the box. It is like going to the club meeting up with Kraftwerk on speed and The Sex Pistols on Acid. Staatseinde creates a theatrical mix of pulsing electro with nostalgic hopeful synth lines, all performed live with synthesizers, a sequencer and tantalizing vocals.

Over the years, reaching back as far as 2006, Staatseinde played many shows, in varying line-ups. With performances from the club circuits and at festivals from the Netherlands biggest music festival Zwarte Cross to Leipzigs’ Gothic Pogo, from places like Swedish post-punk / wave festival Kalabalik på Tyrolen to the Berlin club Urban Spree. Art spaces, squads, club venues, night clubs,… They can handle it all and fire it up.

In recent years they have released work on Enfant Terrible (NL), Kernkrach (DE), Onrijn (NL), Lo Phi Forms (NL), Medical Records LLC (USA) and 4MG (SK). Three 12” records, two 7” singles, a CD, cassettes and several tracks appeared on compilations. In 2010 their Dutch song ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ became a small but world wide dance floor underground hit, all pushed by a remix version by Rude66.

Der Neo – vocals, synth
Andy Dufter – Sequencing, synth, vocals , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram
Members:Andreas Geursen, Arpatle, Doctor Slacht-Zeuger, Frau Jacke, Kommander Neorej, Superintendentur Morritz


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