Single Track

From the beginning in 1978 to the end in 1986, two brothers (Sylvain et Régis Larquier), two cousins (Hapiez et Rab) of them and let's rock'n roll !
French Post Punk Rock from Brive (city of rugby but really not of rock'n roll !), they went to Pau where they were strongly supported by the Fanzine "On Est Pas Des Sauvages" and one of this main editor (Euthanasie Juliette) before going to Lyon closer to the label Kronchtadt Tapes. They recorded two tapes on this label (the second one at 1 000 ex.) and some years after a mini LP for an independant label from Paris that didn't satisfy the group. They didn't like the sound and the lack of support of the label with a minimalist distribution of the record who was a commercial failure.
After more than 200 live performances with the main bands of the French eighties underground rock (OTH, Berrurier Noir, Les Ablettes, Parfum de Femmes, etc) mostly in the south of France, they record a last song for the "Les Héros Du Peuple Sont Immortels" compilation LP and finally disbanded.
An intrusting french group who tried to mix influences from The Clash, reggae and new wave but sang in french in a melancolic and very identifical way. They talk about the economic crysis, unemployement, racism and were politicaly concerned.
Two of them played after the end of Single Track with the Paris combo called "Les Joueurs".
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