Marc Acardipane

Real Name:Marc Trauner

German Hardcore Techno producer, born on 7. April 1969 in Frankfurt am Main. Acardipane, whose grandfather is Italian, founded (together with Thorsten Lambart aka Slam Burt) the label Planet Core Productions in 1989 and several sublabels like Dance Ecstasy 2001.

He Started Acardipane Records in 1997 and Resident E Recordings in 2001 after having moved from Frankfurt to Hamburg. , Bandcamp , MySpace , Facebook , , Soundcloud , Wikipedia , Wikipedia
Aliases:"?", 1st Mob, 6-Pack, 8 A.M., A Lighter Shade, A.2017, Ace The Space, Alien Christ, Barracuda (3), Beethoven, Bellini Uno, Bunker Youth, Chucky Chunk, Craig Tayaffo, Cyborg Unknown, Cypher, DB 600, DJ Bubi, DJ Full Nuts, DJ Jacques O.
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