Gerard Ekdom

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Gerard Ekdom
Gerard Ekdom (born 26 March 1978, in Utrecht) is a Dutch radio DJ.

From early in life, Gerard Ekdom had the ambition to become a DJ. As a young talent, he was frequently asked as a drive-in jockey since he was fourteen. He started his radio career at local station Radio De Bilt. He has worked for the Stadsomroep Utrecht and NEW Dance Radio. He owes his career in part to DJ Fred Siebelink. Ekdom met Siebelink one day in Utrecht, recognizing him by his voice, and introduced himself. Siebelink spotted the boy's talent and showed him around the Stadsomroep, which was happy to employ him.

In 1998, Ekdom started his career at 3FM. A year and a half earlier he had sent a demo tape to then-manager Jan Steeman of the project Pyjama FM by AVRO studios. After a phone call from Steeman he was welcome to AVRO's night school. During this studies he was occasionally heard on Magic FM and Hot Radio.

In September 1999 Ekdom moved from night shows to Sunday morning and hosted the show EKDOM!. His major breakthrough was seven months later, when the Arbeidsvitaminen needed a stand-in host. Both Ekdom and the AVRO enjoyed his hosting of that show, and quickly afterward he was given the opportunity for his own nightly show. On 17 September 2001 he succeeded Wim Rigter as host of Arbeidsvitaminen. Since then, he has been on air every weekday between 9 and 12, and has made the show the most famous of its station.

From september 6th 2010 till 31 juli 2015 he hosted daily "Effe Ekdom" between 12:00 and 14:00
He also hosted the comical radio show "Ekstra Weekend" with his co-host Michiel Veensta. This program stopped on 13 december 2013.

In 2015 Gerard made the switch to sister station NPO 2 where he hosted the daily morning show. In 2018 he was one of the 'big' radio dj's that made the transfer to the commercial Talpa Radio. Talpa had the mission to put their Radio 10 on the map. It is on this station where he makes his new show "Ekdom in de morgen".

Gerard is one of the dj's who attended the most often times in the charity event "Het Glazen Huis". It is for this same event he made the Christmas song "I'll Be There This Christmas" under his pseudonym Gary Fomdeck
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