Real Name:Leo Järveläinen

Leo was born on August 7th, 1980 in Tontunmäki, Espoo, Finland. At the age of 24 Leo had already released nearly 20 EPs and remixes. He plays in the frontline of Finnish underground techno scene and has already got numerous booking requests worldwide. Leo started producing in the age of 11 with all kinds of electronic and demo music. He soon found his style which he describes as "fast-driving fiercy hard tekno" and got his first release out. That time he was 17. He has been DJing since 1996 and has already played in all the biggest events in Finland including Labyrinth 1998, 1999 & 2000, two gigs in Estonia and forthcoming set in London. Leo Laker's first 12", "6am", for Tresor records caused a sensation being placed in many DJ charts including Adam Beyer's. His next EP on Tresor is even harder than the former one, the "Tontunmäki EP" was released in the beginning of 1999 also on Tresor. Leo also produces under the name of Esbo Electric and the two first EP's were released by Finnish Hotshot label. His tracks can also be found from Tresor's Annex compilations and numerous mix CDs. At the beginning of 2000 Laker has concentrated on producing and getting his first album ready. After sitting half of his life in the "Esbo Electric headquarters" -studio in the woods of Tontunmäki, Espoo, Leo is constantly looking for possibilities to do more gigs abroad. , Facebook , Facebook
Aliases:Esbo Electric, Leo Järveläinen, Leo Laker, Leo Luciano, William Garvin
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