The Otara Millionaires Club formed in the early 1990s out of the remnants of two earlier New Zealand groups, Houseparty and Fuemana, both centred around the Fuemana brother and sister, Phil and Christina, and their younger brother, Pauly.

Otara Millionaires Club played a few gigs around South Auckland and recorded one track for the seminal urban-Pacific collection, Various - Proud (An Urban-Pacific Streetsoul Compilation).

After this they split and Pauly approached Alan Jansson who suggested they keep the intials and record together.

The result was the multi-million seller, How Bizarre. They jointly composed the music, Pauly sang & fronted the project and Alan effectively created, recorded and produced the music. The two ceased working together in 1997 after a dispute and Alan agreed that Pauly kept the name, although Pauly released nothing under the name.

They came together for one last release, 4 All Of Us, with actress Lucy Lawless, in 2007 and the name was allowed to die after the end of that project.

Pauly Fuemana passed away on 31 January, 2010.
Members:Alan Jansson, Herman Loto, Pauly Fuemana, Phillip Fuemana, Sina Saipaia
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