British duo formed in London in 1990. Duo decided to call it a day in 2002. When they played live in the 1990s they were joined onstage by Adam Wren, Nick Rapaccioli, Mc Cheshire Cat & Djum Djum.

In 2010 founding member Neil Barnes restarted Leftfield as a live tour including old campanions Adam Wren, Cheshire Cat, Djum Djum and Earl Sixteen, and as a DJ artist name, but without Paul Daley.

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January 17, 2019
six six six and all-seeing eye hand signal confirms these two unmusical frat boys as the undeserving flash in the pan beneficiaries of satanic freemasonry. this explains the contradictory nature of almost everything in their biog, wherein they themselves admit that their album "leftism", a transparentlly-politic advert for destructive socialism, was "a mess", was uncohesive and they couldnt even manage to steal material using a sampler, so modest is their talent. these admissions collide with histrionic glowing reviews from embedded yes men in the faux music press giving five stars and waxing ecstatic over this "band"'s ability to combine two indistinguishable microgenres of EDM. The fact that this duo is the temporary mouthpiece of a larger agenda is made evident in the contradictory nature of virtually unanimous five-star ratings immediately contrasted with their own comments about being UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING, meaning they couldnt manage to USE TOP LINE EQUIPMENT in a well-budgeted studio with TWO YEARS of session time and satisfy even their own pedestrian tastes for pushbutton multi-culti covertly political dance drivel.


April 22, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
probably the most influential tribal breakbeat act ever.
I could not say which one of the both outputs was better, I only know that it was damn pity that there were only two of it...


November 14, 2002
Leftfield's "Melt" is one to rival Orbital's "Belfast" words cannot describe this tune, Some music sounds good when you are in a happy mood, some when you are in a sad mood, these 2 sound perfect no matter if you are ecstatic or or in despair, brings a smile to your face, everything's gonna be alright, perfection.


May 23, 2002
Although they've now split up, these legends will never be forgotten. It's a shame they didn't make more albums, but the two they did changed dance music for the better. People will still be going ballistic to Phat Planet in 20 years time.

They are doing solo stuff now, which you should watch out for. Remember the names: Neil Barnes and Paul Daley.

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