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American R&B singer, born 24 February 1948 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, died of a heart attack 29 November 2013 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

In spring 1983 his biggest hit "Get Down Saturday Night" was released.
In 1993 Oliver Cheatham made an appearance with Barrio Debajo on the track "Gotta Let Yourself Go", which was based on his old hit-record.
In 2003, Oliver Cheatham made an appearance with Room 5 on the track "Make Luv", which was based on his old hit-record.
Oliver Cheatham lived in Surrey, UK.
Oliver Cheatham was first encouraged to sing by his gospel-trained mother.
He was, originally, with the groups The Young Sirs (whose line up featured: Mike Johnson, Allen Cocker, Oliver Cheatham, Ronald Noel & Van Johnson), Butch and the Newports, Mad Dog And The Pups and The Gaslight.
His first single release was 'Hard Times' recorded for his local label Tier.
Following that release he met Al Perkins and became lead singer of the band Sins Of Satan, the band later being re-named Roundtrip and then re-named Oliver.
After two albums for the group Oliver, Cheatham signed for MCA as a solo artist.
Oliver working with fellow Detroiters Al Hudson and One Way had a Top 40 R & B hit with the dance classic, 'Get Down Saturday Night,' on MCA Records.
Written by Oliver and One Way keyboardist / multi-instrumentalist Kevin McCord, 'Get Down Saturday Night,' made it to number 37 R & B on Billboard's R & B chart in spring 1983.
It was included on his album 'Saturday Night', executively produced by Al Perkins and issued in summer 1983.
The LP also boasted the dance track 'Make Up Your Mind'.
The follow up single was the solid mid-tempo groover 'Bless The Ladies'.
Oliver passed away in November 2013 at the age of 65. , Wikipedia
In Groups:Butch And The Newports, Round Trip (2), The Gaslight, The Young Sirs
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