Luc Bouquet

Luc Bouquet (b. 1962) is a French avant-jazz drummer, percussionist, and music critic from Arles. A self-taught musician, he started playing drums in 1973, and received further training at the A.J.M.I. (Association for Jazz and Improvised Music) in Avignon, directed by the guitarist Rémy Charmasson. Bouquet had participated in numerous workshops with Joe McPhee, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri, and Philippe Deschepper.

In the early eighties, Luc Bouquet played in several rock bands, such as Easy Boys, Cyanur, or Rustic Plaster. He created Pli Urgent quartet with Véronique Mula, Stéphane Feraud, and Vincent Bauza in 1987. They gave many concerts at different jazz clubs and prisons in France, and recorded Moon Twelve album.

Bouquet has been collaborating extensively with saxophonist Véronique Magdelenat. They founded Boumag duo, and played together in Double Duo quartet with Christine Wodrascka and Ramón López. For the Apt 2001 Festival, Luc Bouquet and Magdelenat also created ANIMA with saxophonists Frank Lowe, Lionel Garcin, and bassist Bernard Santacruz.

Throughout his career, Luc Bouquet worked in studio and improvised live with Daunik Lazro, Raymond Boni, Ernst Reijseger, Daniel Malavergne, Barre Phillips, Hans Burgener, Philippe Gareil, Guigou Chenevier, Gilles Dalbis, Geneviève Sorin and many others outstanding jazz musicians and bands.

As a journalist and music reviewer, Bouquet collaborates with Le Son du Grisli, Improjazz, Jazz Magazine (2) and other publications, and wrote liner notes for various jazz albums. He hosted Jazz Etc program on Soleil FM for many years. In 2015, Luc Bouquet published Coltrane Sur Le Vif book, documenting all John Coltrane's studio and concert sessions in chronological order.
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