Hype Williams (2)


Hype Williams is a musical group best known for consisting of UK-born artist Dean Blunt and Russian-born artist Inga Copeland between 2007 and 2012. Supposedly founded in 2005 as a "relay" project by Baahama Moutchatka and passed between artists every five years, the group's lineup has remained obscure, and a variety of other names have also been invoked as members. The group has remained elusive, giving few interviews and leaving the media in doubt as to the exact nature of the project. A shadowy representative named Denna Frances Glass has alternately been posited as either the manager of the project or a fake identity created by Blunt and Copeland.
The 2017 incarnation reportedly consists of a duo called Slaughter and Silvermane while press statements accompanying the release of Rainbow Edition claimed all music released under the Hype Williams monicker since One Nation to be fake.

Sites:Wikipedia , YouTube , Bandcamp
Members:Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland, Silvermane, Slaughter (18)




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