Nu-Metal (Modern Rock) band from Bakersfield, California (USA) who mix both heavy metal and hip-hop.

The band formed after the group L.A.P.D. (4) folded. L.A.P.D. constisted of Reginald Arvizu, James Shaffer, and David Silveria and singer Richard Morill. Morill left because of drug addictions and the remaining 3 members along with Brian Welch, who was a close friend of the band began searching for a new singer. They found that singer in 1993 when seeing the frontman of the band “Sex Art”, Jonathan Davis, perform. Davis joined the band and the band was renamed Creep and shortly after “Korn”. Three of the band members are often credited by their nicknames. "Head" (Welch), "Fieldy" (Arvizu) and "Munky" (Shaffer).

Welch left Korn in 2012 after his decision to rededicate his life to Jesus Christ and his daughter. In 2006 drummer Silveria would follow, stating he stepped out of the band to further pursue his entrepreneurial ventures and to be with his family. Korn went on as a 3-piece and had a back-up band for touring until 2009. In 2009 drummer Ray Luzier became the first new member of Korn since it’s formation in 1993, after being in the back-up band for a while. In may 2013 Welch rejoined Korn.

Jonathan Davis (1993-present)
James Shaffer (1993-present)
Reginald Arvizu (1993-present)
David Silveria (1993-2006)
Brian Welch (1993-2005, 2012-present)
Ray Luzier (2009-present)

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Members:Brian Welch, David Silveria, James Shaffer, Jonathan Davis, Ray Luzier, Reginald Arvizu
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