Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch.

Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch.

Real Name:
Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra
Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. is Chicago’s big name tamburitza orchestra founded in the 1940's.

The Skertich Brothers (Inducted - Los Angeles 1974) were at the peak of their popularity following the end of World War II and made many hits under the banner of the Columbia recording label. Leaving the entertainment scene after two decades of solid bookings, the Skertich Brothers left a huge void, but they did in effect leave us a legacy. Their successful stint with Columbia records, their showmanship, goodwill and the many benefit performances leave all those who were fortunate to be associated with them with many pleasant memories.


Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

1233-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Ej Lolo Moja (My Love) / Daj Mi Kaži Stara Majko (Tell Me, Aged Mother)(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1233-F US 1941 Sell This Version
1241-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Nada I Na Marjance Polka / Majka(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1241-F US 1942 Sell This Version
1237-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Stari Cižmar (Shoemaker Polka) / Kučice Pod Gorama (Cottages Under The Mountains)(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1237-F US 1942 Sell This Version
1257-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Ljubay Valcer / Nočna Ruza(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1257-F US 1943 Sell This Version
1256-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Oj Jesenske Duge Noči / Golubica(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1256-F US 1943 Sell This Version
1236-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Sedla Sam Kraj Mašine (Sitting Beside A Machine) / Da Nije Lubavi (If There Is No Love)(Shellac, 10", RP) Columbia 1236-F US 1946 Sell This Version
1227-F Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra* Šeto Sam Se Gore Dolje (Walking Back And Forth) / San Ljubavi (Dream Of Love)(Shellac, 10", RP) Columbia 1227-F US 1946 Sell This Version
1267-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Drotarova (Tinker Polka) / Zagrebacke Frajlice (Zagreb Misses)(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1267-F US Unknown Sell This Version
1253-F Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra* Oj Suzana Polka / Hercules Waltz(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1253-F US Unknown Sell This Version
12309-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Hercules Waltz / My Pet Polka(Shellac, 10") Columbia 12309-F US Unknown Sell This Version
12256-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Hope And Tavern Polka(Shellac, 10") Columbia 12256-F US Unknown Sell This Version
12241-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Delnice Polka / Under The Bridge(Shellac, 10") Columbia 12241-F US Unknown Sell This Version
1219-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Zwei Mahl Lustig / Marijana (Folk Song)(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1219-F US Unknown Sell This Version
12287-F Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra* Lucia Polka / Strawberry Polka(Shellac, 10") Columbia 12287-F US Unknown Sell This Version
1235-F Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra* Ide Bande (Here Comes The Band) / Oj Maricka Peglaj (Iron Mary)(Shellac, 10", RP) Columbia 1235-F US Unknown Sell This Version
1244-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orch. Mande Lipa Mande / Lucia Polka(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1244-F US Unknown Sell This Version
12303-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Blackbird Waltz / Lizzy Polka(Shellac, 10") Columbia 12303-F US Unknown Sell This Version
1243-F Skertich Brothers Tamburica Orchestra* Kiceni Valcer / Vesel Te Se(Shellac, 10") Columbia 1243-F US Unknown Sell This Version