The Rock-afire Explosion

The Rock-afire Explosion

US based animatronic robot band,created and manufactured by inventor Aaron Fechter, that played in Showbiz Pizza Place from 1980 to 1990, and in various Showbiz Pizza locations between 1990-1992.

A total of 13 singles and 2 albums/tapes were released between 1981-87, with the bulk of the releases occurring between 1981-84.
A new single was recorded/released in 2011 following renewed interest in the band via the internet.

Billy Bob Brockali - Bass guitar
Looney Bird - Vocals
Dook LaRue - Drums / Vocals
Fatz Geronimo - Keyboard / Lead Vocals
Beach Bear - Electric guitar / Vocals
Mitzi Mozzarella - Vocals.


The Rock-afire Explosion Discography