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TM-232, TM 232, 232 Little Stevie Wonder* Tribute To Uncle Ray (Album) Tamla, Tamla, Tamla TM-232, TM 232, 232 US 1962 Sell This Version
SL 10078 Little Stevie Wonder* The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie (Album) Tamla SL 10078 UK 1962 Sell This Version
PS40050 Little Stevie Wonder* The 12 Year Old Genius - Recorded Live (Album) Tamla PS40050 UK 1963 Sell This Version
TM 250 Stevie Wonder With A Song In My Heart (Album) Tamla TM 250 US 1963 Sell This Version
TM 255 Stevie Wonder Stevie At The Beach (Album) Tamla TM 255 US 1964 Sell This Version
TML 11045 Stevie Wonder Down To Earth (Album) Tamla TML 11045 UK 1966 Sell This Version
S-268 Stevie Wonder Up-Tight (Album) Tamla S-268 US 1966 Sell This Version
TMLJ 5028 Stevie Wonder I Was Made To Love Her (Album) Tamla TMLJ 5028 South Africa 1967 Sell This Version
S-281 Stevie Wonder Someday At Christmas (Album, Comp) Tamla S-281 US 1967 Sell This Version
LPS-77407 Stevie Wonder For Once In My Life (Album) Tamla, Tamla, Tamla LPS-77407 Venezuela 1968 Sell This Version
2C 062-90603 Stevie Wonder My Cherie Amour (Album) Tamla, Tamla, Tamla 2C 062-90603 France 1969 Sell This Version
T304 Stevie Wonder Signed Sealed & Delivered (Album) Tamla Motown T304 US 1970 Sell This Version
5C 056 91789 Stevie Wonder Live In Person At The Talk Of The Town (Album) Tamla Motown 5C 056 91789 Netherlands 1970 Sell This Version
2 C 062 - 91375 Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder Live (Album) Tamla 2 C 062 - 91375 France 1970 Sell This Version
5C 062-92429 Stevie Wonder Where I'm Coming From (Album) Tamla 5C 062-92429 Netherlands 1971 Sell This Version
STMLO 10083 Stevie Wonder Music Of My Mind (Album) Tamla STMLO 10083 Australia 1972 Sell This Version
T 319L Stevie Wonder Talking Book (Album) Tamla, Tamla T 319L Brazil 1972 Sell This Version
T 326L, T 326V1 Stevie Wonder Innervisions (Album) Tamla T 326L, T 326V1 US 1973 Sell This Version
M6-808S1 Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta - Syreeta (Album) Motown M6-808S1 US 1974 Sell This Version
T6-332S1 Stevie Wonder Fulfillingness' First Finale (Album) Tamla T6-332S1 US 1974 Sell This Version
T13-340C2, T 340EP Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key Of Life (Album, EP) Tamla, Tamla T13-340C2, T 340EP US 1976 Sell This Version
3C 164 - 62493 Stevie Wonder Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (Album) Tamla 3C 164 - 62493 Italy 1979 Sell This Version
Series #15 Show #1 Stevie Wonder Inner View Of Stevie Wonder Part 2(LP) Inner View Series #15 Show #1 US 1979 Sell This Version
Series #14 Show #13 Stevie Wonder Inner View Of Stevie Wonder Part 1(LP) Inner View Series #14 Show #13 US 1979 Sell This Version
VG 408 519001 Stevie Wonder Hotter Than July (Album) Tamla VG 408 519001 France 1980 Sell This Version

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November 12, 2015
From 72-79 imo there wasn't anyone in any genre who was close to the greatness that Stevie was producing.


July 13, 2015
I Love the guys music.
He has written & performed some of the best songs ever.
I'd like Motown to either do a collection of his 12'' Versions or add them on the end of each album [@ least once !].
There's a certain 'rapper' forever squawking about how he is 'the greatest performer' of all time.
I think somehow it's fellas like this that have a more legitimate claim ?


May 13, 2014
If you had to listen to only one Stevie Wonder song for the rest of your life, what would it be? This is the premise of my music blog, Desert Island Mixtape. Each month we choose a new artist and pose the same question. I then share the results with high school students in hopes that they are inspired to learn more about older musicians. Fill out the Stevie Wonder survey below if you would like to help us:


December 24, 2008
Stevie Wonder is possibly the only person in the 20th and 21st century world, that I would consider a musical genius. He has never seen anything in his life, and he can perform so many instruments perfectly and sing 99.9% better than every other musician on the planet.

I saw him live in Manchester a few months ago, and was the greatest gig I have ever been to in my life, and what a nice person he is too.


March 14, 2006
edited over 6 years ago
The above comments pay tribute to Stevie perfectly; what more can be said? The guy plays nearly every instrument imaginable with affinity and performs and records with such an uncanny ardor -- such a love and passion for music. While some songs like "I was Made to Love Her" and "Superstitious" are irresistibly soulful tunes, Wonder had a knack for contrasting this pace with melancholic masterpieces like "Blame It on the Sun" or "A Place in the Sun." Even his 80s era was highly regarded and respected. I shouldn't even begin compiling a list of favorites; there are just too many.
Hands down, one of the greatest recording artists of all time. He's got my respect forever.


September 25, 2005
edited over 3 years ago
What can one say about Stevie that already hasn't been recited? The words/phrases 'genius', 'God given talent', 'from a different planet', 'Soul music legend' etc all seem appropriate. The guy has been singing for so long right back to the early days of Motown as a child prodigy, up to the present. Although many younger people remember or associate Stevie with his music from the 80s, which was all very accessible and commerical music, his real creative peak and genius came to the fore during the 70s. His three albums in particular 'Innervisions', 'Fulfillingness First Finale' and 'Songs in the Key of Life' are landmark albums in Black music, Soul Music and any genre for that matter of popular music. The guy can play (& does on most of these albums) any instrument, he writes, he produces, he sings... He's just an awesome talent and either (or all) of these 3 albums would be in most self-respecting critics top 100 albums of all time. Music that is timeless, inspiring and legendary. RESPECT and then some!

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