Vlado Meller

Real Name:
Vladimir Meller
American mastering engineer of Slovak origin.

Meller began his career at Columbia Studios in New York in 1969, continuing to work there after Sony Music took CBS over in the 1980s and becoming an integral part of the Sony Music Studios, New York City operation until its closure in 2007. From 2007 to 2011, Meller held the position of senior mastering engineer at Universal Mastering Studios-East in New York, overseeing all of the studios' projects in the city. He currently lives and works in Charleston, S.C at Vlado Meller Mastering.

He is a two-time Grammy Award winner and ten-time nominee.

Meller has been criticized by some for "excessive compression and distortion" in final versions of releases he has mastered in recent years.


510189.2 Vlado Meller - Inside Wants Out album art John Mayer John Mayer - Inside Wants Out(CD, EP, RE) Columbia 510189.2 Australia 2002 Sell This Version
82876 84562 2 Julio Iglesias Julio Iglesias - 1100 Bel Air Place(CD, Album, RE, RM) Columbia, Legacy 82876 84562 2 US 2006 Sell This Version
82876845612 Vlado Meller - Tango album art Julio Iglesias Julio Iglesias - Tango (Album) Columbia, Legacy, Sony BMG Music Entertainment 82876845612 Europe 1996 Sell This Version


59103 Vlado Meller - Goats Head Soup album art The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup (Album) Rolling Stones Records 59103 Greece 1973 Sell This Version
PC 34279 Vlado Meller - Inside Star Trek album art Gene Roddenberry Gene Roddenberry - Inside Star Trek (Album) Columbia PC 34279 US 1976 Sell This Version
JC 34971 Vlado Meller - New Vintage album art Maynard Ferguson Maynard Ferguson - New Vintage(LP, Album, Pit) Columbia JC 34971 US 1977 Sell This Version
PE 34704 Vlado Meller - Tailor Made album art Bobbi Humphrey Bobbi Humphrey - Tailor Made (Album) Epic PE 34704 US 1977 Sell This Version
PC 34421, 34421 Vlado Meller - Ginseng Woman album art Eric Gale Eric Gale - Ginseng Woman (Album) Columbia, Columbia PC 34421, 34421 US 1977 Sell This Version
PC 34457 Vlado Meller - Conquistador album art Maynard Ferguson Maynard Ferguson - Conquistador (Album) Columbia, Columbia PC 34457 Canada 1977 Sell This Version
8-50467 Vlado Meller - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth album art Meat Loaf Meat Loaf - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth(7", Promo, RP, San) Epic, Cleveland International Records 8-50467 US 1977 Sell This Version
CBS 82844, JC 35364 Vlado Meller - Oceans Between Us album art The Allen Harris Band The Allen Harris Band - Oceans Between Us(LP, Album) CBS, Tappan Zee Records, CBS CBS 82844, JC 35364 Europe 1978 Sell This Version
JS 35330, 35330 Vlado Meller - On The Twentieth Century (Original Broadway Cast) album art Various Various - On The Twentieth Century (Original Broadway Cast) (Album) Columbia Masterworks, Columbia Masterworks JS 35330, 35330 US 1978 Sell This Version
PZ 35648 Vlado Meller - Bang Your Door album art Charlie Ainley Charlie Ainley - Bang Your Door(LP, Album) Epic, Nemperor Records PZ 35648 Canada 1978 Sell This Version
CBS 82668 Vlado Meller - Serpentine Fire album art Mark Colby Mark Colby - Serpentine Fire (Album) Tappan Zee Records, Columbia CBS 82668 Europe 1978 Sell This Version
SAL - 4120 Vlado Meller - Curare album art William Millan Y Su Saoco Original* , Con Ray Ramos And Luis Ayala* William Millan Y Su Saoco Original* , Con Ray Ramos And Luis Ayala* - Curare (Album) Salsoul Records SAL - 4120 US 1978 Sell This Version
MSG 6004 Vlado Meller - Shadow Dancing album art Cornell Dupree Cornell Dupree - Shadow Dancing (Album) Versatile MSG 6004 US 1978 Sell This Version
8-50467 Vlado Meller - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) album art Meat Loaf Meat Loaf - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) (Single) Epic 8-50467 US 1977 Sell This Version
JC 35539 Vlado Meller - The Blue Man album art Steve Khan Steve Khan - The Blue Man (Album) Columbia JC 35539 US 1978 Sell This Version
ASF 2102 Vlado Meller - Infinity album art Journey Journey - Infinity (Album, Comp) Columbia ASF 2102 South Africa 1978 Sell This Version
JZ 35348 Vlado Meller - Approved By The Motors album art The Motors The Motors - Approved By The Motors (Album) Virgin JZ 35348 US 1978 Sell This Version
JC 35594 Vlado Meller - Touchdown album art Bob James Bob James - Touchdown (Album) Tappan Zee Records, Columbia JC 35594 US 1978 Sell This Version
88286 Vlado Meller - Montreux Summit - Volume 2 album art Various Various - Montreux Summit - Volume 2 (Album) Columbia 88286 UK 1978 Sell This Version
S 82845 Vlado Meller - Sunny Side Up album art Wilbert Longmire Wilbert Longmire - Sunny Side Up (Album) Tappan Zee Records, Columbia, Columbia S 82845 Spain 1978 Sell This Version
XMS-153 Vlado Meller - ¿Quieres Jugar? - ¿Wanna Play? album art Titti Sotto Titti Sotto - ¿Quieres Jugar? - ¿Wanna Play?(LP, Album) Mericana Records XMS-153 US 1978 Sell This Version
SR 7801 Vlado Meller - Crystal Rainbows, The Sounds Of Harmonious Craft album art William Penn (2) William Penn (2) - Crystal Rainbows, The Sounds Of Harmonious Craft(LP) SRI (3) SR 7801 US 1978 Sell This Version

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February 19, 2022
Absolutely no issue with the mastering of the Columbia Tappan Zee releases. Well done.


July 3, 2019
Basically, I agree with all the reviewers here... for Vlad's digital work anyway. He has done pretty well with vinyl releases though. These are the releases I have in my collection...
Slayer's vinyl reissues are decent (all better than their CD releases anyway). System of a Down vinyl reissues are all drastically better than the loudness crap CDs that were released in the 2000s. He re-mastered RHCP's 'Californication' (2012) which sounds fuckin' killer! He did a great job on Jeff Beck's Guitar Workshop (LP 1989). Then there's all the shitty CD masters. Metallica's St Anger (the mix sucked balls to begin with though), all System of a Down, etc. Basically, he's much better with analog than he is with digital. Much better.


April 6, 2008
Unfortunately, I have to caution anyone who's ended up on this man's page to stay *As Far Away* from *Any* of these releases as possible.

If there's any way you can find a copy of one of these albums in any other format that he has not touched, you're highly encouraged to do so.

Meller is probably the big name in the loudness war, and functionally seems to be a huge proponent of maxing out the loudness of any CD he masters. This makes the CD sound "better" than another properly mastered CD at a given system volume to the extent that the human brain tends to pick out louder noises as sounding better.

The flip side, and something that will be blindingly obvious when one of his masterings are compared against a proper master, is that the sound becomes extremely heavily compressed under his treatment, and all the subtle dynamics of the music are lost.

If you are able to adjust the volume of your system to a level you desire, there is no reason to opt for one of Meller's discs over anyone else's. One common place to look for better masterings of these discs are those vinyls that Steve Hoffman works on, but pretty much any other version that this man has not touched will be more than worth your while.

The real tragedy of this man's work, in my opinion, is the album Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was only ever mastered by him, he did a terrible job, and as a result one of the most intellectually satisfying pop albums of the decade has been utterly destroyed in the ears of many an audio sensitive individual. We can only hope the record companies will work with those willing to clean up after this man's mess, and provide the world with decent remasterings of the more brilliant of the works he has destroyed.