David Alvarado

Real Name:David Alvarado

Born and bred in Los Angeles, DJ/producer David Alvarado has been carefully developing his smooth, soulful house signature since he was a teenager. Solidly entrenched in America's house underground and boasting a growing global following, he's played a pivotal role in shaping the dozen disparate cuts on his highly sort after Bomb Records indie, while cutting glistening tracks and remixes for numerous American and Canadian labels before hooking up with Peacefrog in 1997 with the release of 'The Sun Children Project' and then 'The Ascension' followed by his critically acclaimed 'Maya Songs' album. Embracing a musical, less is more, ethos to all of his vinyl work, David's motivation behind the decks or in the studio has been to always add a new angle to dance music's vibrant fabric. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Facebook , Mixcloud , , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , YouTube
Aliases:Bombagrooves, Chito (El Mescalero), Monclova, Peelo
In Groups:Hidden Masters (2), Las Americas, Seven (12), Sun Children, Sunkiss
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