Pete Namlook as reviewed by leonov04

December 11, 2020
The best of the best. Man of the legend. Its nomber 1

Pete Namlook teknologika

August 31, 2019
Amazing artist! Some of the best electronic music I have ever heard. May Pete rest in peace, knowing that he has left a big legacy.

Pete Namlook ahau.bolon.101077

July 27, 2019
miss you pete, the new generation sucks big time ..snif

Pete Namlook jmhbpc

October 19, 2020
I acquire a lot of somewhat derivative "ambient" mainly when I hear a track I like, and then feel like supporting the artist. But for me the FAX stamp,
and almost any collaboration, or solo effort, that includes PK, ALWAYS is more interesting, more intelligent, more profound, more inspiring, ... and now more poignant. I wish more
artists (like those who worked with him) would reference his influence a bit more in their work sometimes. Maybe I'm stuck in the 90's and tend to a prejudice toward PK ...

Pete Namlook Expansive09

July 18, 2020
Pete from what I read was stubborn and I guess that worked to his benefit plus he was very fair with his artists which was and still is quite uncommon in the "biz". Couldn't agree with you more about modern electronica its either a poor copy of new age music or garbage mainstream EBM/Trance garbage!

Pete Namlook mxhg

August 3, 2017
The music of Peter Kuhlmann has only recently been brought to my attention. I really like the random tracks I've heard so far. However, I always find myself jumping from one album to another unable to dive into one particular record due to the sheer size of the catalog. Is there a particularly good album (or a few) that can be recommended as "starting points" to the discography?

Pete Namlook Insvims

June 15, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
The Fires Of Ork 1, Silence 5, The Dark Side Of The Moog 6 and 2350 Broadway 1.
These four releases are in my opinion essential. There are of course many more. Air are mentioned here, and you can't go wrong with that either.

Pete Namlook Chalkers

May 15, 2018
A bit of a late answer to your question but for me Dark Side Of The Moog V and IX are impeccable (IX inparticular). From Within I is also a stunning album and certainly one of my favourites. As Vladimir mentions Air I and II are generally regarded as the best place to start being one of his earliest works, and also being a solo release unlike most which are collaborations. 2350 Broadway is much more ambient than the aforementioned albums but it's regarded as a classic within the select few who have discovered Pete Namlook's work! Happy listening!

Pete Namlook vladimir.ursinovich

September 24, 2017
Probably his 'Air' and 'Silence' projects would be the best place to start listening and also his collab projects 'Dreamfish', '2350 Broadway' and 'The Fires of Ork'. Any album from those would be a great place to start delving more into his catalog. :)

Pete Namlook as reviewed by mopem

January 6, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
I think only one question : why Namlook isn,t in fame hall of electronic music. This is mystery, cause it is one of the most unrated artists of 90,es - golden era of mixing ambient with house, techno and dowtempo. Respect Peter

Pete Namlook AskeladdenBlack

June 6, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
I remember in the early 90ies a new Fax release was coming out every second or third day he was a dedicated & great ambassador to the scene. My only gripe with him was he wasn't a fan of vinyl.
I just a pity that he like many others aren't praised enough whilst they are alive to hear it.

Pete Namlook nyamcz

December 13, 2016
Other like him like? Pass a coulpe of names please.

Pete Namlook ozbeatproject

February 19, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
I heard Music Hypnotizes (Hypnotizing Mix) when i was out raving, i just had to have that tune, i subsequently searched for Pete's other tunes, he done some corkers, hope it's like the good old days where you are now.

Pete Namlook code1193

November 5, 2015
Genius. Innovator. Deeply missed...

Pete Namlook floatingorb

May 23, 2014
Your music will always live on,
rest in peace pete.

Pete Namlook KONYBHOY

May 20, 2014

Pete Namlook Space_Partycles

May 30, 2013
Not every FAX release was great, but this man, this musician had great vision and dedication to music - A sad loss to the music world R.I.P. Mr. Namlook
Tip, take one track from each of the 5 'Air' releases and one track from each of the 5 'Silence' releases and play together for a wonderful journey through the mind of a man who knew how to make enjoyable music...

Pete Namlook as reviewed by raymondcf73

May 9, 2013
It`s really sad. His music was always, still is, a treat for our ears.There will be no more new music van this Master. R.I.P, Peter Kuhlmann.

Pete Namlook as reviewed by nyamcz

March 21, 2013
edited over 8 years ago
All of us we will meet you "In heaven"

Pete Namlook DeathShot

January 9, 2013
Shocked... I just found out. I've turned to his music as a guiding light through some of my hardest times. For that I am so, so appreciative. Rest in peace friend.

Pete Namlook ugk.records

January 2, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
Rest in Peace Peter. You´re always in our hearts

Pete Namlook Lautreamont

December 23, 2012
edited over 8 years ago
I just found this out a month late. I'm in total shock and incredibly saddened. The world is a lesser place now.

Pete Namlook 000333

December 18, 2012
THANKS FOR ALL ... good luck to your space journey and enjoy the silence !

Pete Namlook Ghost_Snake

December 6, 2012
edited over 8 years ago
Today I was (as usual) listening to Namlook while studying...I found this piece on youtube called "IN MEMORY OF P.N" and I thought it was an ironic release from him,a joke...then ,reading the comments,I realized. He's gone from a month.And I discovered it by chance...he was an hero of mine...an icon..what a loss.Rest in peace Pete,God bless you and your family.

Pete Namlook as reviewed by SinEter

December 4, 2012
Rest in peace Pete